Homeless man shot in head on Francis Street

At approximately 10:30 pm the Corpus Christi Police Department were dispatched to the intersection of Francis Street and Crews Street for a shooting.

When officers arrived they found one bullet shell casings and a puddle of blood on the 2500 block of Francis Street. Witnesses say a Chevy Silverado fled the scene towards Crosstrown Expressway.

Police searched for half an hour in the area and located a homeless man bleeding from the head on Morgan Avenue and Port Avenue. The man said he was okay, but police had the victim checked out by paramedics.

When paramedics arrived they found a bullet hole in the man’s head and took him to the hospital. Paramedics say the bullet hole in the head was large enough to fit two fingers inside. The victims condition is unknown at this time and police will continue to investigate.

This is a developing story, check back in for updates.