Hispanic community is outraged after man puts Trump hat on Selena statue

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Hispanic Republican? Yep, and they’re speaking up. Joe Michael Perez, a Trump supporter, whose main goal is to reach out to Hispanics and inspire those to vote not on the color of skin, but for jobs and a good economy.
“We don’t want government phones, we don’t want welfare, we want work!” says Joe Michael.

In May, a Hispanic Republican candidate flipped a seat in Southern California from blue to red when former Navy fighter pilot Mike Garcia won a special election in California’s 25th Congressional District.

Joe Michael Perez places a Donald Trump “Keep America Great” hat on the Selena Quintanilla statute in downtown Corpus Christi in way to express the symbolic Latino support for President Donald Trump. As for immigration critics, Joe Michael Perez says “do it the right way”.
Perez who has a Donald Trump apparel shop inside the Corpus Christi Trade Center says he sells anything from t-shirts, flags, coronavirus facemasks, socks and much more at his Trump campaign shop.


Selena’s Father responds

Abraham Quintanilla, Selena’s father, says in a Houston Chronicle newspaper that Joe Michael Perez is a “disrespectful idiot” and Selena was “never involved in politics”.

Trump supporter responds to Selena’s father



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