Health District negotiations for City and County fail

In another stunning defeat, the Nueces Commissioner’s Court voted 4-1 against County Judge Barbara Canales’ push to extend the Health District negotiations. A combative and controlling Barbara Canales single-handedly destroyed the City-County Health Department. It was Canales’ insistence on paying hundreds of thousands of overtime dollars to salaried personnel that caused the Corpus Christi City Council members to vote unanimously to oust Canales from Health Department leadership and create their own city health department. The Nueces County Commissioners also unanimously followed suit voting to oust Barbara Canales as lead negotiator. 

This occurred after Canales used her “emergency powers” to make unilateral decisions on vaccination locations- forcing residents of the City of Corpus Christi to drive to Robstown to be vaccinated. Senior Citizens and local residents were outraged at the Health District and questioned why they had to drive all the way to Robstown to be vaccinated? Because Barbara Canales was making the key decisions and she wanted the federal reimbursement to be paid to the Robstown Fairgounds, a County facility. Corpus Christi residents were not allowed by Barbara Canales to be vaccinated in Corpus Christi. Why? So Barbara Canales could keep the federal money for Nueces County.

Barbara Canales also insisted on paying Health Director Annette Rodriguez overtime pay that amounted to $200,000, while Rodriguez worked from home. The City of Corpus Christi City Council had enough of the dictatorial ways of County Judge Barbara Canales and they voted her out. In Commissioner’s Court, a combative Barbara Canales pressed over and over to conduct business in a secret executive session with Commissioners Brent Chesney and Joe A. “JAG” Gonzalez challenging her as to the need to conduct business in secret. This after a back in forth over where County Judge Canales was consistently talking over Commissioners and not recognizing a motion and a second until Commissioner JAG brought it to her attention a second time. 

Barbara Canales also again desperately pleaded to keep her power center, the City-County Health Department, but the County Commissioner’s voted unanimously against her, officially stripping Barbara Canales of her power at the Health Department. County Commissioners, including Brent Chesney, Joe A. “JAG” Gonzalez, Robert Hernandez, and John Marez are refusing to continuing to pay the astounding overtime and gross expenditures Barbara Canales approved. Official Health Department audits are underway and questions are being asked as to the connections between Barbara Canales and some of the “consultants” she hired that were paid large sums of money. 

Meanwhile, Barbara Canales “husband” Doug Allison continues to be paid a million dollars from the Port of Corpus Christi, while she appoints Port Commissioners and oversees them as County Judge. Crónica readers know that Port Commissioners and Port Director Sean Strawbridge hired Canales’ personal injury lawyer “husband” after she was elected and made Port appointments. The Port’s legal budget is exploding and Port Commissioners are doing about the mounting problems. The Crónica investigation into local corruption continues with even more shocking stories to come. Although, even we have to admit, it is pretty hard to break a story bigger than our County Judge Barbara Canales’ “husband” making a million dollars off the Port of Corpus Christi.