Game rooms in Nueces County facing new regualtions with ordinance

Nueces County game rooms will be regulated and possibly shut down soon. The Nueces County Commissioner’s Court discussed regulating game rooms within the county on February 2, 2022. Many different perspectives were included, such as from Angelica Hernandez at the Nueces County District Attorneys Office, Nueces County Sherriff J.C. Hooper, bingo hall operators, and non-profit organizations all voiced out their concerns about the game room controversy.

However, County Commissioner’s Brent Chesney, Joe A. Gonzalez, and Robert Hernandez want rules of their own to regulate where a game room can be located, shutting gamerooms down operated by gang members, limiting the hours of operation to protect and better serve residents in the community.

According to Chief Deputy of Nueces County Sheriffs Department David L. Cook, in a presentation to commissioners, 67 known game rooms are operating in the county limits, two in Robstown, and five game rooms are operated by gang members in the county. The county commissioners also discussed criminal and civil charges for operating a gameroom in federal and state laws.

Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales believes regualtion mechanisms should be supported with permits that charge fees, but Brent Chesney also brought up on how other counties regulate the gamerooms operations, such as Victoria County.

The Commissioner’s Court are expected to have an ordinance in place by February 23, 2022 or March 2, 2022.