Family Dollar store closes for maintenance after rat infestation video

The Family Dollar located at 2224 Agnes Street in Corpus Christi, Texas has closed the doors to the store after a health inspection by the Corpus Christi Health Department on Wednesday afternoon around 1:30 p.m due to a rat infestation video that went viral on social media.

Family Dollar located 2224 Agnes St, Corpus Christi, TX 78405 closes their doors for maintenance on Wednesday, July 15, 2001

The health inspection was conducted after a former manager sent video of the Family Dollar infested with rats. The store closed their doors to conduct a deep cleaning and to change exterminator for the rodent problem. Many of the managers have made emails, calls, and have even made reports to the city’s Code Enforcement office and also to the City’s Health Department.

The former manager, Roger Alan Lee II, says he tried to keep the building clean and nothing has been done to date. One customer told the Crónica that she bought a loaf of bread with a dead rodent in it this weekend. Multiple customers have also reported a “sickening” odor inside the building due to Rat urine and droppings.

According to the Nueces County Health District, the Family Dollar on Agnes scored a 97 on their health inspections grade last updated on September 02, 2020.

Video of Rat Infestation