FACT CHECK: Is the Port of Corpus Christi a public entity?

After recent shocking news about the failure of the Port of Corpus Christi under CEO Sean Strawbridge, his attempts to threaten local governments, massive Port over spending, coupled with massive losses at Harbor Island, several viewers stated that the Port is a private entity – FALSE. 

The Port of Corpus Christi is a public entity, subject to public oversight and for the public benefit. It was created by the public and governed by the Texas Legislature under the Water Code. A board of seven Port Commissioners, three appointed by the Corpus Christi City Council, Nueces County Commissioners Court, and one by the San Patricio County Commissioners Court are supposed to oversee the public port representing their respective entities. The revenues of the Port are public monies subject to public oversight. 

Meetings of the Port Commissioners are public. Members of the public may address the Board at their meetings. The public records of the Port may be requested through the Freedom of Information Act, but don’t think you’re actually going to get the Port’s public records without a fierce battle and only after they are forced to turn them over by the Texas Attorney General. Just ask the Crónica and the good people of Port Aransas. 

There ya go folks. The Port is public, not private and thus, open to our public scrutiny. The real question is: what do they have to hide? The Crònica wants to know. Keep sending us your documented proof and we will keep informing the public. This is a developing story, stay tuned for more on our investigative series right here.