EXCLUSIVE: Why Wasn’t The Buc Days Parade Free?

Since the early 1930’s the Buc Days Parade has been a free community event. Just whose greedy idea was it to put the Buc parade inside American Bank Center and not down Leopard Street without the parade being free for Corpus Christi residents?

Sources close to the situation tell the Crónica the idea was presented by Buc Commission President, Johnny Philipello, in order to raise revenue for the struggling commission. Didn’t Johnny Philipello’s bosses Buc Commissioner’s Sean Strawbridge, Philip Skrobarczyk, and Mike Carrell have to agree to take away our beloved Parade from the people?

The Crónica has evidence of tickets selling for $60 each. Why hasn’t any of the media done a story exposing this? Was the story quashed by KRIS 6 New’s Katia Uriarte, who just happens to be the current wife of Johnny Philipello?

Crónica and viewers wants to know, do you think the Buc Parade should be free?