Disturbing Bullying Video: Calallen Football Player Forced Into Tasting Urine

A Calallen football tenth-grader was tricked into tasting another football players urine in a bullying motivated attack.

The sophomore was in a locker room when a student dipped the junior varsity football players mouthguard in a bottle of urine and than made the sophomore put the mouth guard in his mouth as depicted in a video obtained by the Crónica. We blurred the Calallen High School student face out for anonymity.

Several varsity students and parents first heard about the ongoing incident several weeks ago and feel the bullying has went too far. One student says several JV football players bully this particular student because he has learning disabilities and has a speech problem.

According to one parent who has brought the bullying incidents up to school officials says that she believes the school has not investigated the crime because it would hurt the football team.

In another video, it depicts more than 5 junior varsity football players assaulting the student in the locket room. One student says there are more videos being circulated on a social media app.

The Crónica has reached out to school officials at Calallen High School and Calallen ISD in regard to criminal activity in regard to the assaults, but didn’t recieve an immediate response. We continue to update you on this developing story.