‘Culture Fest’ held at St. Pius X Catholic School

The first annual Culture Fest was a day of food, music, and costumes for the 2nd grade Social Studies class at St. Pius X Catholic School.

The festival took place on Wednesday, May 18, 2022. The Culture Fest was created by Social Studies teacher Sheree Perkins, who on the alongside of officials with the Catholic Diocese, saw well over 30 parents to learn about countries and their friends.

Each child drew a country name and researched the language, religion, holidays, clothing, celebration, and art of that country. Than each child created a board to be presented to the class.

The following countries were presented: Cuba, Egypt, Australia, Austria, Spain, Italy, Japan, England, France, Israel, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Mexico, Jamaica, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Greece, India, and France.

To end the festival, each child brought food to eat that were traditional in the country chosen.