Church Unlimited lead band singer caught having sex at local bar in public

A video going viral on social media depicts the lead singer of the Church Unlimited Band having sex at a local bar on Sunday night in public. Singer Ricky Valenz was caught having sex on video inside of The Social Bar located at 4535 South Padre Island Drive by a unvoluntary bystander filming the sex act.

Ricky Valenz was formerly the vocalist for the Kumbia King All-Starz and was currently a volunteer vocalist for Church Unlimited, according to Pastor Phillip Borden of Church Unlimited.

Former Kumbia King All-Star singer Ricky Valenz

The Crónica was able to touch base with Ricky Valenz and asked him about the video. Ricky Valenz says “I’m not perfect and I made a big mistake. I had too much to drink and this is a lesson learned on my behalf.”

According to Pastor Phillip Borden, who supervises the Worship Unlimited band, says that the circumstances were immediately handled and the church will help Ricky Valenz get repentance and forgiveness. At this time Church Unlimited has revoked Ricky Valenz’s presence with the band and are praying for him during this time.

As for the woman in the video having sex with Ricky Valenz is still unidentified. The Crónica reached out to The Social Bar and have yet to get a response back from a manager. It is unclear if there will be any criminal charges from the Corpus Christi Police Department for Public Lewdness at this time.

This is a developing story and we will provide you with more updates as they come in.