CCISD throws away hundreds of school chairs that could go to other schools

At Calk Elementary located at 4621 Marie Street, the demolishing company Camacho Inc, were crushing hundreds of school chairs into a trash bin. The Corpus Christi Independent School District who contracted Camacho Demolition to do all of their school demolitions has crushed and transported hundreds of chairs to the city dump.

With economical hard times facing the nation due to the coronavirus pandemic, many are conserving their resources. The chairs that seemed 100% re-usable were seen smashed and thrown into a trash bin by a Kelly Glamp who recorded the wasteful spending.

“There goes our taxpayer money” says Kelly Glamp as she witnesses a backhoe grasp the chairs.

“The Corpus Christi Independent School District could have kept thousands of pounds out of the landfill, but better yet, the furniture could have been better used for hundreds of other students in other private schools and day cares” says Maria Castillo who has children who attend the pubic school system.


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