Bob Hall Pier in danger of permanent closure after judge gives land away

A new source inside the Commissioner’s Court has exclusively told the Crónica that Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales gave 15 acres of Padre Island for FREE to developers. Canales was informed by the County Attorney, in writing, that if she gave away the land, we could lose 400 acres of Padre Island beachfront, including Bob Hall Pier, forever. Independent realtors have estimated the 15 acres of Padre Island wetlands that Canales gave for FREE to her developer friends could potentially range in value from $3 million dollars to $7.5 million dollars. Was it legal for Barbara Canales to give away Padre Island land for FREE? Can Nueces County legally give away public property for FREE?

A cease and desist letter has been sent to Nueces County and the reverter clause has been enacted by the Jones Family. Reverter, in the context of this real property, means the return of the 400 acres of land to the Jones Family. 

The people of Nueces County are in jeopardy of losing our beach. The Crónica wants to know why Barbara Canales is giving away millions of dollars of Padre Island for FREE to her private developer friends? 

The Crónica is investigating the connection between Barbara Canales, Port Commission members, and this deal specifically. Are any member of the Port of Corpus Christi Commission involved in the Padre Island development in question as a developer, attorney, or an investor? Do any members of the Port of Corpus Christi Commission pay Barbara Canales’ “husband” Doug Allison or have an “interest” in the development? The Crónica has proven that the Port, led by Port Chairman Charlie Zahn, hired Canales’ “husband” Doug Allison and we have invoices indicating they paying him nearly a million dollars from the public Port of Corpus Christi. 

Barbara Canales now appears to be doubling down, refusing to take back the Padre Island land she gave away for FREE. The Jones Family is standing their ground, defending the land their family so generously donated to the people of Corpus Christi and Nueces County. Using her so called “emergency powers” Barbara Canales acted alone, signing away our Padre Island property for FREE, without the consent of the Commissioner’s Court, and against the written advice of the County Attorney. Nueces County Commissioner Joe A. “JAG” Gonzalez has said publicly that the people of Nueces County could permanently lose Bob Hall Pier and acres of Padre Island. 

The Crónica continues to investigate Canales for corruption. It is unimaginable that Barbara Canales would risk losing 400 acres of our extremely valuable Padre Island, so that her developer friends could have FREE wet land’s mitigation property for a private development.  We demand that a thorough investigation by Commissioner’s Court be conducted and the report be turned over to authorities. Barbara Canales must be held accountable. No elected official should ever give away our public beach property. Canales’ latest action is reprehensible. The Crónica publicly demands that she follow the deed and give Padre Island, known as Padre Balli Park, back to the people immediately.