Blackhorn Disposal Facility being represented by Barbara Canales’ sister

Temporary victory for the people of Orange Grove as the Blackhorn Disposal Facility, the client of none other than Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales’ sister, lawyer Patricia Canales Bell has been ordered by the Texas Railroad Commission to stop.

Blackhorn Disposal accepts waste from oil and gas production like fluids used in hydraulic fracturing and sediments that settle in the bottom of storage tanks

After enduring two long years of foul odors, sick children and neighbors, and disappearing wildlife, the good people of Orange Grove have been vindicated. The Crònica gives big props to Orange Grove neighbors Jennifer Green, her family, and all the residents who are fighting the Canales’ influence in Austin and to KRIS6TV for busting the story wide open.

According to the five-page finding, an audit found that Blackhorn Disposal has been accepting waste that it should not have been accepting. “That’s why we were all sick,” Green told KRIS6TV. “The proof was there. We just couldn’t get someone to look at it the right way.” But Jennifer Green and the children of Orange Grove cannot rest comfortably in their homes just yet, because County Judge Barbara Canales’ heartless sister lawyer Patricia Canales Bell is fighting hard to keep the waste disposal facility open saying she and the Blackhorn Disposal Facility intend to seek an immediate hearing. Canales Bell was forced to admit the Notice of Violation, but seemed to thumb her nose at it saying they might not shut down out of caution for the sick residents.

Orange Grove neighbor Jennifer Green gave credit to the TCEQ, the Railroad Commission and the people that have been fighting with them daily! The saddest words come from Jennifer herself in an earlier report, “I have lived here my entire life and I have never seen anything like this before. The does are gone, rabbits are gone, butterflies are gone and the land is lifeless.”

The Corpus Christi Crónica stands for the children, the people and wildlife of Orange Grove against the dumping of potentially hazardous waste in their community.

Do you think it’s hypocritical that Patricia Canales Bell is supposed to be a liberal Democrat- but is supporting waste disposal over the children, health, and the environment of the Orange Grove community?

Can you give a shoutout of support to the sick people of Orange Grove?