Barbara Canales to shut down beaches ahead of Tropical Depression

Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales is working on a secret plan to shut down the beaches to vehicle traffic this weekend due to a Tropical Depression that is forming right now in the central/NW Gulf of Mexico. County Commissioners are being kept in the dark. 

Island residents are concerned that Barbara Canales intends to extend the beach ban as a political payback for the thousands of #BanCanales bumper stickers the surfers spread all over town over the last Canales beach ban. It is rumored that Canales is conspiring with her political advisor Larry Elizondo on a beach closure payback plan. 

Political insiders are still talking about the shouting match between surfers and Canales over her overreaching emergency authority action to close the beaches last year. Canales told the surfers if they attempted to go to the beach, she would have them arrested. Canales also instructed Port of Corpus Christ’s CEO Sean Strawbridge to dispatch the Port of Corpus Christi’s private police force to assist other law enforcement in keeping the beach access road closed. 

Residents may recall that Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales faced a lawsuit from a brave local resident over her decision to close beaches to vehicular traffic over last year’s celebration of our nation’s birthday, the Fourth of July. Will there be a repeat this year?

This action continues to follow Barbara Canales efforts to use her emergency powers to become a local dictator, attempting to strong arm her fellow Commissioners. But, Island residents know they hold the political keys to end this abuse of power. #BanCanales 

Join the Crónica and demand Babara Canales keeps the beaches open: 

County Judge Barbara Canales 

(361) 888-0444

And when she doesn’t respond: 

Maggie Turner 

Secretary to County Judge

(361) 888-0264