Barbara Canales to replace doctor on Spohn board with port director

The Crónica has learned that Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales is moving to oust esteemed Dr. Shah Islam from the Christus Spohn Board and replace him with her husband’s boss Port Director Sean Strawbridge. Crónica readers know that Sean Strawbridge is Doug Allison’s boss and paying him a million dollars from the Port of Corpus Christi. That’s right a million dollars of the public Port’s money is going into the Ocean Drive home of our very own County Judge Barbara Canales and her husband Doug Allison. 

We believe Canales has serious conflicts of interest and her latest move to appoint her husband’s boss is unethical. Sean Strawbridge listed zero health care experience in his Christus Spohn application. Laughingly, Strawbridge wrote that he feels qualified to serve because he has “family” in health care. We believe Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales wants greater control of the Christus Spohn Board and Sean Strawbridge, her ally and partner in controlling the Port of Corpus Christi, is the ticket. 

As Port Director, Sean Strawbridge has been a disaster. Strawbridge has lost tens of million of dollars on building a tank farm on Harbor Island, he sued Port Aransas and foreclosed on its marina, he tried to steal Indian Point pier from the people of Portland, he bought land and refused to pay taxes to Nueces County and San Patricio County. Strawbridge has now lost tens of millions on desalination at Harbor Island against the residents of Port Aransas and Corpus Christi. Sean Strawbridge should focus on terminating the Harbor Island desalination project that is threatening our redfish bay and going to force Coastal Bend rate payers to pay the highest water rates in the state.

The Crónica will be attending the Commissioner’s Court meeting and be videotaping the vote live. We want to capture the unethical vote should Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales vote for her “husband” Doug Allison’s boss Sean Strawbridge. It is despicable that Barbara Canales is trying to remove the honorable physician Dr. Shah Islam as a Christus Spohn Health System board trustee in one of the biggest sham we have seen from her to date. This after Canales authorized paying salaried Health Director Annette Rodriguez $200,000 in overtime. Just last week the entire Corpus Christi City Council and Nueces County Commissioner’s Court, in a 13-1 vote stripped Barbara Canales of her power over the Health District. 

County Commissioners must stand up and vote Sean Strawbridge down. It’s time for County Commissioners to send a strong message that our healthcare systems must no longer be part of Canales’ political power plays. More on the Crónica Investigates Canales for Corruption to come.