Barbara Canales Secret Deal With Port Commissioner Charlie Zahn

The Crónica has uncovered County Judge Barbara Canales secret deal to materially change Port of Corpus Christi Chairman Charlie Zahn’s client’s contract. We all know Zahn is the Chairman at the Port of Corpus Christi that has paid Barbara Canales’ fiancé, Doug Allison, hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Sources tell the Crónica this may be a conflict of interest. Why? Because at the same time hundreds of thousands of Port of Corpus Christi dollars are going into the Allison/Canales household, Barbara Canales is making a secret deal to change a County permit agreement so that the County taxpayers pay for road damage that Zahn’s client is required by permit/agreement to pay for.

When County staff spoke up, the County Judge threatened to “swear in” staff, but it was Commissioner Robert Hernandez who brought the item up at Commissioner’s Court. Barbara Canales was clearly trying to distract, bullying Commissioner Hernandez who wasn’t able to make his real point—how can the County Judge convene a secret meeting and get staff to sign off to on the taxpayers bailing out a private contractor?

Is County Judge Barbara Canales giving Nueces County tax money to Port Chairman Charlie Zahn‘s client, in the form of free work, to keep her fiance Doug Allison hired at the Port of Corpus Christi?

Follow the chain of events:

  1. County Judge Barbara Canales votes to appoint Charlie Zahn to the Port of Corpus Christi board.
  2. Charlie Zahn, Chairman of the Board of the Port of Corpus Christi oversees CEO Sean Strawbridge and charged with financial oversight.
  3. County Judge Barbara Canales live in lover Doug Allison is hired by Sean Strawbridge at the Port of Corpus Christi as “special counsel.” Doug Allison represents Sean Strawbridge and the Port who pay him hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  4. County Judge Barbara Canales convenes a secret meeting to material change Charlie Zahn’s clients County permit/agreement to benefit Zahn’s client against the County taxpayer.
  5. Commissioner Robert Hernandez questing the action and places it on the agenda for discussion. County Judge Barbara Canales tries to shut it down, threatening staff and bullying Commissioner Hernandez.
  6. Nueces County led by Barbara Canales moves to secretly change Port Chairman Charlie Zahn’s client’s contract and puts it writing to Zahn, legally binding the county taxpayers—in what she refers to as a “comfort letter” to him!

Listen and judge for yourselves folks! The Cronica public integrity sources believe this is a quid pro quo conflict of interest. The Crónica is extending an open invitation to Port Chairman Charlie Zahn or County Judge Barbara Canales, if you do not believe it is a clear conflict of interest like we do after watching the video, we invite you to send in an opinion column.

More on this investigative series to come…