Barbara Canales flees to vacation after declaring local disaster

Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales declared a local disaster for Nueces County and flees to vacation at the high priced Gaylord National Resort near Washington D.C. During her time in the nation’s Capital, Barbara Canales was also seen trying to chase down Kamala Harris at the resort and get photographed with Texas Democrats hiding in DC.

While Nueces County was dangerously flooding, tornado warnings were ordered, and lives were at risk, Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales and her live in lover Port lawyer Doug Allison were spotted having cocktails by the pool at the five-star Gaylord National Resort. The resort, perched on the shores of the Potomac River, is located just minutes from downtown Washington, DC. Barbara Canales had zero regard for local residents suffering, offering no assistance to the public after declaring the state of disaster herself. The dangerous flooding and storms throughout Nueces County were so severe the Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales told officials that Robstown expected damage to roofs, windows and vehicles. Expert weather officials urged those who were outdoors in a mobile home or in a vehicle to move to the closest shelter and to protect themselves from flying debris.

Yet, Canales opened no shelters and left to a pricy resort during the state of disaster she declared. Eyewitnesses reported seeing Canales flying out of town in a desperate attempt to be included in a photo op with Kamala Harris and the fleeing Texas Democrats. Upon leaving the city, Barbara Canales also issued an order to close beach Access Road 4, again.

Barbara Canales’ constant closing of area beach access with no warning to local residents, has caused Island surfers to spread #BanCanales bumper stickers all over the voter rich Island. Canales has been telling insiders she is very eager to secure Vice President Harris’ endorsement, even offering an open invitation for her to visit Nueces County, but thus far has been unsuccessful at securing a visit to Nueces County from her. The trip to Washington, DC was also designed to extend Canales’ political influence within the Democratic Party, but Harris is steadfastly declining a meeting with the far left, liberal Canales possibly viewing her as a political liability. Barbara Canales issued the official order and one day later left on vacation to schmooze with the highly visible democrats.

The Crònica believes Canales has been derelict in her duty to protect the people of Nueces County during the state of disaster.

Read Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales order she issued before leaving town to vacation at a high dollar Washington D.C. area resort:

DULY ORDERED ON THIS 7th DAY OF JULY 2021.WHEREAS, the County Judge of Nueces County has determined that extraordinary measures must be taken to alleviate the suffering of people and to protect or rehabilitate property in Nueces County. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT PROCLAIMED BY THE COUNTY JUDGE OF NUECES COUNTY: That a local state of disaster is hereby declared for Nueces County pursuant to § 418.108 (a) of the Texas Government Code.Pursuant to § 418.108 (b) of the Government Code, the state of disaster shall continue for a period of not more than seven days from the date of this declaration unless continued, or renewed, by the Commissioners Court of Nueces County.Pursuant to § 418.108 (c) of the Government Code, this declaration of a local state of disaster shall be given prompt and general publicity and shall be filed promptly with the County Clerk.Pursuant to§ 418.108 (d) of the Government Code, this declaration of a local state of disaster activates the County Emergency Management Plan.Pursuant to§ 418.108, Access Road 4, will be closed only to vehicular access to the extent directed by barricades and signs placed at access points ordered by the County Judge.That this proclamation shall take effect immediately from and after its issuance. DULY ORDERED ON THIS 7th DAY OF JULY 2021.