Barbara Canales accuses councilman John Martinez of meeting crime

In a sternly written letter to the City, Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales accuses attorney, Judge John Martinez and his colleagues on the Corpus Christi City Council of the alleged criminal act of violating the Texas Open Meetings Act. This violation is punishable by a fine and jail time of up to six months or both! Barbara Canales lashed out after the City Council met and voted unanimously to give the 90 day notice to separate from the County on the Health District. An angry Canales accused the City Council of allegedly violating the Texas Open Meetings Act when they voted and put the accusation in writing to the City Council over the weekend.

Former County Court At Law Judge John Martinez is a highly respected attorney and former elected Judge. We highlight former Judge John Martinez because he is the only attorney on the City Council. The Crónica believes he was an expert jurist, understands the law, and for Judge Barbara Canales to accuse Judge John Martinez of this crime, is very wrong. How does this act against him by County Judge Barbara Canales affect John Martinez’s law license? Will the State Bar of Texas get involved? Texas State Law is specific on violations of the Texas Open Meetings Act and Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales has accused Judge John Martinez of being in violation of the law. The Cronica believes that Judge Barbara Canales’ criminal accusation in writing against Judge John Martinez and the entire Corpus Christi City Council is irrational and unethical.

In April of this year, Two Carroll ISD board members in Southlake, Texas were arrested on a charge of violating the Texas Open Meetings Act. The two were indicted by a Tarrant County grand jury. In the Corpus Christi City Council situation, the Crónica has learned that the City Attorney reviewed the agenda item and has said in writing that Judge John Martinez and the City Council were not in violation of the Texas Open Meeting’s Act. Barbara Canales, an attorney herself, knows the City Attorney is the expert in municipal law and has declared the City Council action legal. Yet, Barbara Canales continues to lash out in writing, on tv, on the radio, and has accused the City Council of an indictable criminal offense.

It was Barbara Canales who pushed the outrageous overtime pay of $200,000 to Health Director Annette Rodriguez and it is only her signature on the latest overtime documents. Barbara Canales has lost the support of County Commissioners and the public. Just this weekend, County Commissioners including Brent Cheseny and Joe A. “JAG” Gonzalez spoke out against the Canales’ Health Department executives overtime pay saying they had no knowledge of the payments.

Do you believe Judge Barbara Canales, that respected former Judge John Martinez should be charged with the alleged offense of violating the Texas Open Meetings Act and potentially be fined or go to jail for up to six months?