Aunt has partial liver transplant to save baby

Veronica Moreno holds her baby neice who needed a liver transplant to save her life.

It happened! Baby Esme Campos from Devine, Texas has been saved. She received a partial liver transplant thanks to her selfless Aunt Veronica Moreno. The mother of three was a perfect match for 7 month old Esme Campos, whose medical case was terminal without surgery. We all rallied behind Esme three weeks ago when there was a desperate search for her blood type.

Baby Esme was on a waiting list and her sister went viral on a photo asking the public to come forward for a living donor. She indicated on the poster they needed either A+ or O+ blood type and provided a phone number at the bottom. In February 2021, “when she was 5 months old, I took her into urgent care because she was really fussy, had congestion and runny nose…looking to get Covid tested. The doctor there was more concerned about her color and the size of her belly. She rushed us to Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital and started doing blood tests and a sonogram. Her liver was inflamed. She got tested for Covid, and it was negative so we were admitted to a room. We got more sonos done and MRI’s, and they said it looked as if she had a cyst on her bile ducts or like something wasn’t developed properly so surgery was set 2 weeks later. She got another Covid test, and she was then positive.”

Baby Esme’s older sister holds a sign in search of A+ or O+ blood type for liver transplant.

Tonight, help thank the courageousness and kind act Veronica Moreno showed her niece after suffering from a cyst in her bile ducts.

Baby Esme