Armed home invasion caught on camera on Lazy Lane

It’s was 9:30 in the morning on Friday and two men and a woman approached a home in Corpus Christi, Texas on the 2900 block of Lazy Lane.

A Ring door video captured the horrifying moments of a violent home invasion. The masked trio kicked down the door to the house while holding handguns. The camera captures audio of the men screaming that they were with the Corpus Christi Police Department while rushing inside.

Lazy Lane Home Invasion Caught On Camera

The video ends with a woman screaming telling the gun holding robbers to take everything and to leave her child alone all while being held at gunpoint. Authorities have not made an arrest and these dangerous robbers are out on the loose tonight. The video was posted on Facebook by woman Ashley Lola Silva stating she was robbed.

According to neighbors, the home that was targeted by the robbers wasn’t a random act of violence. The neighbor says that the home has been visited frequently by police due to disruptions. The Crónica reached out Ashley Lola Silva on Facebook and no response was given. It is unclear of whether a police report was taken.