Apache tribe disavows Karankawa territory myth at Ingleside on the Bay

The Crónica has exclusively uncovered what could be a big local scam. In an exclusive interview with Rene Adame, a member of the Apache tribe that is recognized by the State of Texas, Adame says that Love Sanchez, who claims Karankawa heritage has no legal standing to sue the Army Corps of Engineers because Ingleside on the Bay is Apache territory.Rene Adame, a member of the Apache tribe that is recognized by the State of Texas, Adame says that Love Sanchez, who claims Karankawa heritage has no legal standing to sue the Army Corps of Engineers because Ingleside on the Bay is Apache territory. The Crónica believes that it was oil and gas executive Patrick Nye, an Ingleside on the Bay resident that may have conjured up the plan to join forces with Love Sanchez, founder of the Indigenous People of the Coastal Bend and “self identifying” Karankawa to sue the Army Corps of Engineers and stop development next to his home. The very last phrase in the federal lawsuit is written to allow a financial settlement from the oil companies that do business along the Port of Corpus Christi.

Sandra Love Sanchez, founder of the Indigenous People of the Coastal Bend

Rene Adame says Love Sanchez, whose birth name is actually Sandra Sanchez, must be stopped and that there is no such thing as a living Karankawa. Rene Adame and the Apache tribe are recognized by the State of Texas, Governor Abbott, and the 86th Legislature as part of the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas. According to the Texas State Historical Association, history and science are on Rene Adame and the Apache’s side. Rene Adame traces his family ancestory to San Patricio County, he says Love Sanchez doesn’t even live in Ingleside on the Bay, and should not be illegitimately suing the Army Corps of Engineers. 

Interview with Apache indian Rene Adame of Ingleside, Texas

Rene Adame also said that if Love Sanchez is claiming to be Karankawa from Ingleside on the Bay, she is in the wrong place. He said a lawsuit brought by the “Karankawas” should not be acknowledged by any corporation, because it is Apache territory. He says Love Sanchez has no legitimate or legal claim to the land. Rene Adame also said that he has zero information on the group Love Sanchez founded, “Indigenous People of the Coastal Bend” or their mission. The proud Apache said that Love Sanchez is trying to change history and has no legitimate right to sue on behalf of Native Americans.

The Crónica is questioning the authenticity of Love Sanchez who self identifes as a “Karankawa Kadla” a group that is not recognized by the Bureau of Indian Affairs or the State of Texas. She also founded another group, “Indigenous People of the Coastal Bend.” Sanchez has used these two groups to bring a federal lawsuit against the US Army Corp of Engineers and a potential oil company settlement.

Love Sanchez actually claims Native American ancestry through an “oral history” that Native Americans tribes do not recognize. There is little that separates her from what the Cherokee Native American tribes said against Elizabeth Warren. The tribes said you cannot claim Native American heritage if you are not officially recognized and were not raised in the Native American heritage. The Cherokees’ said that dubious claims of American heritage or tribal ancestry makes a mockery of all Native Americans and will not be tolerated.

But the Ingleside area federal lawsuit is specific and makes a request for relief- meaning a potential financial payout—to a group led by Sanchez and her partner, oil and gas company owner Patrick Nye who now claims to be an “environmentalist.” Love Sanchez claimed in the federal lawsuit that industrial expansion would destroy

“sacred land and the artifacts buried within it…removing these last remaining vestiges of my ancestry from the earth.”

Sandra Love Sanchez lawsuit quote

Full Stop. Except, Love Sanchez, is basing her claim that she is at least somewhat Karankawa, on an “oral history” that neither Native American Tribes nor the US Federal Government Bureau of Indian Affairs recognize. 

The question becomes why hasn’t Love Sanchez objected to the million dollar homes that continue to be built on Ingleside on the Bay over Mcgloins Bluff, which she has claimed as a Karankawa burial ground? Why didn’t she object to the Ingleside on the Bay Fire Department that was built or claimed the areas empty lots for her “tribe?” Why isn’t Love Sanchez suing the Port of Corpus Christi to stop the industrial expansion on the land it owns over potential Native American burial grounds? 

Patrick Nye shows off his Native American artifacts
Photo Credit: Texas Tribune

What Rene Adame and his fellow Apaches object to vehemently is using their heritage for an illegitimate lawsuit, and what could be big scam. He says there seems to be many natives living in myth. He also said it is highly disrespectful to display Native American funerary objects in a home. Adame says that it is very wrong to move the remains of Native Americans or their graveside objects because they must stay with the earth. The Crónica wondered why Love Sanchez didn’t scream to the heavens when we uncovered a photograph of her partner, Patrick Nye’s large collection of Native American artifacts in his own home? Rene Adame says because those remains are the remains of his ancestors, not hers.

Rene Adame says the land is not Karankawa, it is Apache and the Apache of San Patricio County are prepared to challenge anyone who says anything different. He is asking if anything related to the Indian native world is found to respect and honor where it is found from the true Apache Texas.