Alice, Texas Mayor: Cynthia Carrasco shares vision for city

Alice, Texas is changing. Mayor Cynthia Carrasco comes from San Antonio and now she reigns as the highest city official for the area in which she says has suffered after the oilfield downturn in 2008.

Mayor Carrasco says the impact took on small businesses, the citizens, and even taxes for schools. “Many people moved away, as a realtor, and I know how to sell and how to attract and I want to use that to build on” says Mayor Cynthia Carrasco.

In a one-on-one exclusive interview with the Crónica, the Alice mayor invited us in to her realty group office to talk about the challenges. Attracting industry back to Alice, Texas and rebuilding the economy was the mayors main talking points, but diversifying the economy seemed to be a challenge, in which Carrasco says “working with the county, the school district, and economic development center in finding another industry to come in.”