A Corpus Christi couple’s business success story

Ralph was only 12 years old when he decided he wanted to become a tow truck operator in Corpus Christi. Seven years later, he became one in the business. He liked the way the old truck and boom recovered vehicles from the mud, sand, water and ditches.

In 1964, Ralph (24 yrs old) & Irma, his wife, (21 years old) decided to own their very own towing company. With two young daughters in tow, they went to the bank to ask for their first loan.

By default, Ralph was the sole proprietor. In those days, woman were mostly categorized as housewives and so the banks preferred to approve loans to men and not to women. Our company began with one tow truck operator & one dispatcher. They ran their business from home while their family grew from two to four daughters. Back in their early years, the price per tow averaged $3.00 per car.

Established in 1964- Texas Wrecker company.

As a young student, Ralph’s teacher told him he would never amount to anything because he was a hyper student and a tad bit unruly. Well, everyone has their place, all you have to do is find it. At 81-years young, Ralph is very involved with the business. He’s still a very energetic and talkative person and he’s still just a tad bit unruly.

Irma, on the other hand, was a quiet and reserved Honor Roll student; she manages the office and business aspects while Ralph manages daily operations. So, it appears their skillset compliment each other.

Fast forward to the new millennium: The internet changed the how the world advertises; it also helped them to realize other companies were using their name all over Texas although they registered it in 1964. Consequently, they were forced to apply for trademark protection in order prevent more tow companies from entering the tow industry using their registered name and confusing their existing nationwide customers. On February 11, 2019, the United States Patent and Trademark Office registered Texas Wrecker’s service mark. Now, when their nation-based trucking and freight customers Google Texas Wrecker. They’re happy to know they can find them quickly.

In November of this same year, Texas Wrecker celebrated its 55th Business Anniversary in 2019.

Ralph and Irma were both acknowledged by the Southwest Tow Operators Association which is something of which they were quite proud of. Texas Wrecker commemorated this huge milestone with their first tv commercial.

Sure, there were bumpy roads and pot holes along the way but we kept on rolling; today we operate and manage the following:

 15-17 full time employees & 3 part time employees

 7 full time dispatchers

 18 tow trucks, Lowboys, Landolls and 4×4’s

Three of four daughters, now adults, work with them in a professional business capacity (Del Mar College; Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi; University of Texas San Antonio).

Texas Wrecker is still growing with no signs of retiring anytime soon. They’ve expanded service to George West and Sinton. They’re proud to announce they just purchased the old CC SPEEDWAY RACETRACK (20 acres on Flato Road, CCTX) with plans to convert it into what just may be considered the largest VSF (vehicle storage facility) in Texas.

In a male-dominated industry, Texas Wrecker is woman-owned and woman-operated company.

: it is the women that mange the accounting, marketing, stay abreast of new technology administrative tools such as gps tracking, digital dispatching apps, electronic tow tickets and mobile and web-based vehicle inven

Texas Wrecker Company fleet in downtown Corpus Christi

As one of the most reputable towing companies in South Texas, they have provided towing and vehicle storage for the D.E.A. and U.S. Marshall (Department of Justice), C.C.P.D. and other local law enforcement agencies. They specialize in all things heavy duty towing and equipment hauling:

 18-Wheelers

 Vacuum trucks

 Crane trucks / Bucket trucks

 Tour Buses, School Buses

 RV’s

 Oil tankers

 Excavators

None of this happened overnight, but it did happen with lots of hard work and dedication to be the best tow company in South Texas that they can be. After looking back at 57 years of being in business, Ralph says, “This is what we do and we love it”.