72 year old woman home shot 25 times

On Monday night at approximately 11:30 a.m. on the 1600 block of Coleman Street near Brownlee Boulevard a 72 year old woman home was riddled with 25 bullets.

The Corpus Christi Police Department was dispatched to the scene and when they arrived they found the elderly lady and her family shook up. No suspect or suspects were identified and police believe two different weapons were used in the drive by shooting. The poorly lighted street caused hardships on officers in identifying the crime scene.

Police ended up knocking on doors and talking to neighbors for any information. According to one neighbor we talked to seemed to be hesitant in giving information in fear of retaliation. The neighbor said he heard the shots fired at the home and was scared to come outside to talk to police.

CCPD blocks of the 1600 block of Coleman Street on Monday night after 25 shots riddle a 72 year old woman’s home.

Police crime scene technicians arrived several minutes later to collect the slugs and shell casings on the ground for forensic analysis. The Corpus Christi Gang Unit are also investigating the shooting and elderly lady’s family says they don’t know why anyone would shoot at their mothers home.

No further information has been disclosed and this shooting remains unsolved and under investigation. Check back with the Crónica for updates.