50 Cent in Corpus Christi memes go viral on Facebook

After 50 Cent announced on Instagram that he has moved to Houston, Texas many Texans began to have lots of fun showing 50 Cent around town, of course with the help of Photoshop.

The original photo was taken in front of the Astrodome in Houston and since then he was copied and pasted in several different locations in Corpus Christi and Houston.

50 Cent was photoshopped in some local restaurants and tourist attractions in Corpus Christi, such as the Selena Mirador statue downtown.

Here are some of the other great locations 50 Cent visited with the help of the Corpus Christi Crónica viewers:

50 Cent at Whataburger By The Bay
50 Cent at Brewster Street
50 Cent at Wings n’ More
50 Cent fishing in the flats in Nueces Bay
50 Cent in Port Aransas
50 Cent at La Michocana on Ayers Street
50 Cent at Sno-Ball #1 on Baldwin Boulevard
50 XXeXenXent
50 Cent at Mirador De La Flor at T-Heads
50 Cent working at the refineries.
50 Cent at the Thunderbird flea market.
50 Cent inside the Trade Center
50 Cent at the Selena Statue downtown
50 Cent at the Corpus Christi Trade Center