20-square foot sinkhole opens up near Moore Plaza

A massive 20-square foot sinkhole opened up in the middle of Blanch Moore Drive near Moore Plaza on Thursday, just days after other sinkholes have been reported throughout the city of Corpus Christi.

Thursday’s ground collapse, which occurred just after 12 p.m. at 5200 block of Blanch Moore Drive, is about 10 feet in diameter and approximately 20 feet deep.

While the exact cause of Thursday sinkhole has yet to be revealed, they typically occur when a water main or sewer collapsed due to old pipes giving way. They can also form when water-drainage patterns change, the US Geological Survey reports. The City of Corpus Christi Utilities Department says that a sewer collapse is more likely the cause.

Cities nationwide remain on heightened alert of infrastructure issues following the deadly building collapse on June 24 in Surfside, Florida. At least 100 people were confirmed dead.

City workers eventually brought out a prime dewatering pump to empty out the nearby sewer next to Thursday’s sinkhole, before a backhoe was used to pack the collapsed ground with fresh dirt.

Reports that much of the city’s underground infrastructure has become outdated and brittle, with the age of water mains over 70 years old.

Thankfully no injuries were reported.