13-1 vote to declare City Health Department; Barbara Canales loses power

In a 13-1 move today, the Corpus Christi City Council and Nueces County Commissioners held a joint signing ceremony to official declare the City of Corpus Christi Health Department. The move kicks out Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales and strips her from power eliminating the City-County Health District.

It was one month ago, in January 2022, Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales held a dramatic media conference at the City-County Health Department, double masked, announcing that Corpus Christi and Nueces County was returning to the highest level of threat, Canales said, “Level 4: Extreme Risk, at this level do not attend indoor or outdoor events, go to gym, visiting bars or restaurants is not recommended for anyone.” Canales declared an emergency that allowed her to exercise her “extreme emergency powers to make all decision for the county.”

Yet since January, Barbara Canales can be hypocritically seen photographed all over social media campaigning, attending “society events,” debutante parties, going to bars, not social distancing and not wearing a mask herself. Canales only seems to wear a mask when she’s issuing a strict mask order to scare local residents. Barbara Canales didn’t care about the fact that issuing the Level 4, Extreme Risk, would threaten local establishments and small businesses that are barely getting back to business. Barbara Canales was single-handedly trying to shut down the local economy against the Governor’s orders. 

We think Canales is all about money, because under her “emergency powers” Barbara Canales can continue to give county contracts to her campaign advisors without the vote of County Commissioners. Cronica readers know that Barbara Canales’ “husband’ Doug Allison, is a Port of Corpus Christi “outside” contractor bringing in a million dollars from the Port of Corpus Christi, while Canales has direct oversight of the Port Commission and appoints Commissioners. We believe this is a conflict of interest because Doug Allison’s boss is Port Director Sean Strawbridge and the weak Port Commissioners are like lemmings, blindly following Strawbridge to public relation’s disaster after disaster. 

Today, in an historic 13-1 move all City Council members and County Commissioners voted against Barbara Canales putting an end to her dictatorship at the Health District. More on the Crónica investigates Canales for corruption to come.