12 illegal immigrants found severely dehydrated in rail car in Robstown

At approximately 1 p.m. on Monday. June 20, 2022 the Robstown Police and Fire Department was dispatched to a rail car on County Road 40 in Robstown, Texas for multiple illegal immigrants found to be severely dehydrated.

When several different law enforcement agencies arrived, they found 12 immigrants that needed emergency health care services due to dehydration. Multiple immigrants had to be lifted out of the rail cart to the ground with a rope and ladder. According to the National Weather Service, temperatures at the time of the emergency call was partly cloudly at 98 degrees temperature.

The Corpus Christi Fire Department Mass Casualty Ambulance was also activated.

Drone Footage of the rescue of 12 illegal immigrants that were found severely dehydrated in freight train in Robstown, Texas.

Two immigrants were immediately transported to Northwest Hospital. Five immigrants were transported by the Mass Casualty Ambulance to Spohn Shorline. The other five immigrants were treated with ice packs and water at the scene.

No details on the conditions of the seven immigrants that were transported were given.

The extreme weather of environments can impose significant challenges to human survival, and migrants who attempt to enter the U.S. through a rail car likely experience severe dehydration and associated conditions such as disorientation and organ failure that can lead to death due to hyperthermia or extreme heating. Those that cross into the U.S. through freight train usually experience a slow death when not attended to.

Over the past several decades, thousands of men, women and children have died attempting to circumvent border protection efforts and cross from Mexico into the United States using freight trains.